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The Spotted Dot.

Do you think President R.A. Trump should consult with the Chinese?

Feb 16, 2019 - 11:48 AM - by G#Gill
G#Gill's Avatar
I wonder if this so-called wall between U.S. and Mexico will work. The thought occurs to me that perhaps his lordship should consult with the Chinese as they have built a low dividing wall between themselves and Mongolia (I think ! LOL )
    1 Reply | 31 Views

Gordon Banks, dies at 81 years. World's Greatest Goalkeeper?

Feb 12, 2019 - 6:56 AM - by G#Gill
G#Gill's Avatar
I felt privileged to speak to Gordon Banks on the telephone. He rang to book a charter on our charter/trip boat in the late 1980s. He was quietly spoken, very polite and grateful for my help ! I can remember saying to him that I was privileged to be able to speak to probably the finest goalkeeper in the world. He thanked me and sounded genuinely surprised that I knew who he was and that I'd said that to him !

... [Read More]
    1 Reply | 235 Views

Baking Bread

Feb 10, 2019 - 7:36 PM - by Patsy Warnick
Patsy Warnick's Avatar
I'm baking a loaf of bread

OMG - there's nothing like the smell of home made bread baking.

I'm not much of a baker - my bread has been turning out - not burned !! I'm shocked.

Proud of myself - I'm not a baker LOL

    7 Replies | 261 Views

blackface is fairly common on the elite left

Feb 09, 2019 - 1:05 PM - by tude dog
tude dog's Avatar
I like Tucker Carlson. Often he makes me laugh, then other times I sit gagging.

I really like his perspective on blackface by the Virginia governor.

Wearing blackface is fairly common on the elite left.
    11 Replies | 289 Views

Weird and Wacky Part 2

Feb 07, 2019 - 4:20 PM - by G#Gill
    3 Replies | 274 Views

Zillow - Redfin - Buying Property

Jan 31, 2019 - 3:20 PM - by Patsy Warnick
Patsy Warnick's Avatar
Have you ever tried buying property relying on the pictures provided by Zillow - Redfin ?

I did.

I've been looking to buy a house in Washington State for @ year. I'd look several times daily to see if a new property came on the market.

I finally found a house - called my agent in WA she said looks good & I'll go & make a video for you. I said let's put in a offer right now & then you can go make a video of the house. My agent made the... [Read More]
    17 Replies | 751 Views

is there anyone alive out there ?

Jan 30, 2019 - 2:05 PM - by farmer.ned1965
hi returning after a year off but it seems very quiet in the garden
any of the old gang about i,ve seen spot and BM are still here
    2 Replies | 495 Views

Explain how male and female is not a creation.

Jan 29, 2019 - 11:37 AM - by Mickiel
Mickiel's Avatar
You ever wonder how non creationists explain male and female? Okay let's agree that it's an idea. Alright then who's idea? In raw evloution there cannot be an idea or a plan, because that would denote a personage , so that can only be used in creationism.

Evolution has no ideas. So what then is male and female? Its brilliant for one thing but "Why" male and female? Is it a concept that was self inheirtant and self developed? Who developed it? Well in evolution there... [Read More]
    86 Replies | 1,541 Views

UK could ban social media over suicide images

Jan 28, 2019 - 2:27 AM - by spot
spot's Avatar
The background: UK could ban social media over suicide images, minister warns

I'm wondering how it differs from saying the UK will ban trains if the train operators don't stop people throwing themselves under their Intercity engines. Are facebook, instagram and pinternet, to name those mentioned in the article, meant to employ millions of mental health experts to preview every post for its potential health... [Read More]
    5 Replies | 717 Views

One For The Mathematicians

Jan 24, 2019 - 11:21 PM - by FourPart
FourPart's Avatar
I came across this on YouTube the other day. I found it mind blowing. Any mathematicians are sure to see the elegance of it - one particularly for Saint.
    7 Replies | 629 Views

Lobbyists 4 Good

Jan 19, 2019 - 1:02 PM - by tude dog
tude dog's Avatar
It is a constant refrain of many politicians that they are for the people, not the special interests and lobbyists in Washington.

Truth is everybody has special interests they favor, just don't call it that.

Seems somebody figured out on how to capitalized on that. Lobbyists 4 Good

... [Read More]
    1 Reply | 836 Views

Example of a suspicious BBC Have Your Say posting

Jan 16, 2019 - 12:29 PM - by Clodhopper
Posted by
22 minutes ago
As Brexit was won, this needs to be implemented with a plan and strategy that would greatly benefit the UK.

We need leadership that can achieve this. Is PM May able to do this? The evidence suggests not by the rotten deal she proposed for Brexit.

May needs to resign as PM and we need a Pro-Brexit PM who can make Brexit a success which is not difficult to achieve.

... [Read More]
    4 Replies | 1,366 Views


Jan 12, 2019 - 7:48 AM - by spot
spot's Avatar
I rarely mock the afflicted but really. FionaMoffi, spammer, Romania, not remotely female and clearly not an American teacher of English as a Second Language!

Tonja is definitely the tag she enjoys to be called with and the lady loves it. It's not your own common entity but specifically he interests doing is base browsing but he
... [Read More]
    4 Replies | 1,439 Views


Jan 11, 2019 - 2:52 PM - by Clodhopper
I felt if the Syrian Kurds were to be wiped out they should have some record. I've barely heard of these people but I have heard Erdogan.

If this happens, Donald Trump wanted a wall named after him. I think what struck me was the casualness with which he consigned a people to death. America and Turkey's genocide of the Kurds.

I live in London. If there is a Kurd who makes it here I will give them and their family a place to sleep.
    13 Replies | 1,019 Views

What did Earth look like, , MANY YEARS AGO?

Jan 11, 2019 - 2:01 PM - by tude dog
tude dog's Avatar
This is so darn cool.

In my early teens, I and my best friend would walk up, climb up nearby hills some 35 miles away from the ocean. There we would uncover evidence of sea life. Always wondered how long ago those items shells etc lived.

That was California here in Kansas I know of a place where and seen a shark tooth. Maybe I will go there chip some rock and see what I can find.

... [Read More]
    9 Replies | 1,416 Views

Shelf life of racism.

Jan 04, 2019 - 9:47 AM - by Mickiel
Mickiel's Avatar
why racism never dies? It has existed ever since man. Sometimes I don't get it, this thing in man.
    52 Replies | 1,897 Views


Dec 29, 2018 - 6:59 AM - by FourPart
FourPart's Avatar
This is a structure in a woods near where I live. It is the subject of quite a bit of curiosity as to what it is. Does anyone have any ideas? Previous suggestions have included an Ice House, something war related, or even a shrine of some sort, but no-one seems to know for sure. (Edit: I thought the... [Read More]
Attached Files
    16 Replies | 2,006 Views

Christmas advice

Dec 25, 2018 - 11:36 AM - by Snowfire
Snowfire's Avatar
For those of you with young children or grandchildren who have received battery operated toys for Christmas, be sure to use the very cheap, poundshop batteries . They last as long as an average persons patience.

Ive been listening to a stomping, growling, snarling T. Rex for several hours. The whole episode would make a great advert for the more expensive quality batteries that we naively bought.
    1 Reply | 1,199 Views

Cooking at Christmas

Dec 24, 2018 - 10:27 AM - by Snowfire
Snowfire's Avatar
Thats the gravy prepared for tomorrows Christmas Dinner

One for the carnivores and one for the vegans

Turkey for the carnivores, mushroom Wellington for the vegans
    11 Replies | 1,275 Views


Dec 23, 2018 - 12:04 PM - by Snowfire
Snowfire's Avatar
This much hyped new system of transport has had a lot of coverage. It's never out of the news.

So, just how practical is it ? How safe is it ?

If SpaceX and Tesla are investing in it, it can't exactly be a gimmick but there are so many holes being picked in this, like the extrordinary power requirements for creating, even a partial vacuum.
Without the vacuum, we just have a tube. The likes of which we've had since the mid 19th century.

More... [Read More]
    8 Replies | 1,811 Views

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