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Thread: Yushu starts reconstruction

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    Yushu starts reconstruction

    Earthquake reconstruction work began Tuesday in Yushu, Qinghai, China. Governor Luo Huining started it at a foundation-laying ceremony held for new neighborhoods to be built in Trangu and Ganda villages. A new rural neighborhood will be built on the debris of the two villages, with principles of putting the people first, conserving the ecological system and respecting religion and ethnic culture, according to Luo. The rebuilding of Trangu and Ganda villages will be a pilot project for the whole region's reconstruction program.
    On April 14th, residents of China's remote Yushu County, located on the Tibetan plateau, were awoken by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake. By the end of April 25, the earthquake has made 2220 people losing lives and 70 people missing.
    After the earthquake, the government started rescure work immediately, Chinese premier Wen Jiaobao went to Yushu twice and announced that the government wouldn’t leave a single resident living outside. It was reported that till 16 o'clock on the May 2, the country received earthquake relief funds and materials donated 4.277 billion yuan, including 3.591 billion yuan, and goods converted into money 686 million yuan.
    All the people should donate to the disaster area to make the people relieve from the pain as soon as possible. This is the time to show love.

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    Re: Yushu starts reconstruction

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    The scale of the earthquake is evident from photographs at Earthquake in Yushu, China - The Big Picture -

    Living above 4000 meters is extreme to start with, coping with a disaster must be so much more difficult at that height.

    The leaders of many countries have expressed sympathy and a desire to send any assistance that might be asked for. President Medvedev of Russia pledged help the next day "in any form" to President Hu Jintao when they met in Brazil. He began the talks by expressing "sincere condolences which our whole country has in connection with the destructive earthquake. If our close partner and friendly people require assistance we are ready to provide it in any volume and in any form". But it is far harder to accept offers of help than to make them, and just getting to Yushu is difficult. I remember when Fidel Castro immediately offered to quickly send 15,000 self-supporting qualified doctors into New Orleans after the flooding. American governmental pride prevented that generous and sincere help from reaching those who needed it.

    I hope the people of China at least know there is much sympathy in the rest of the world, and a desire to help rebuild the lives of those around Yushu.
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