France to ban Paris demonstration against anti-Islam movie

I wish Christians had bandwagons like this to jump on ....would make life a lot more interesting. on the very same day of the Sydney protests a newspaper came out with a large depiction of a cartoon of jesus being married............tongue in cheek etc etc. And not an eye was blinked. God we're a boring old lot !!!!

I watched the trailer of the movie (which is more than the muslims had done) And I can assure you it's worse than "Attack of the killer tomatoes" It is seriously bad lol .

But i feel it's also been awhile since we've been told to hate Islamists. Now some dude in france has made another cartoon to rile up the mob. Yes yes...all muslims are inheritently violent and so on .... *yawn* boring!!!!

there will be demonstrations tomorow in melbourne apparently...........well that's what the text messaging and facebook messaging is telling everyone to do . The muftis are telling them all to ignore the incitement, that they are being conned to act out . And I believe this is true . Movements are happening in israel within the last few days . 10's of thousands of troops spring a major war training session. Invasion war games apparently .

I often wonder if any of them see they are being set up?

But you know what will happen tomorow in France and lots of places around the world. Some ******** is going to start up and do something stupid. It's sooooo on the cards it's laughable .