Brexit makes the difference. They have less trouble with a free sovereign state joining than a region seceding to join. Doesn't set the same precedent.

Unquestionably, brexit brings the breakup of the UK closer. The fact that a brexit vote was also a vote for the hard right of the tory party (and we can be thankful it was no worse) also makes a break up more likely.

Dunno what's happening with the banks at present. They are opening EU subsidiaries in a steady trickle so they can keep operating in the EU but beyond that I don't know what the implications are for tax revenue, head office location, jobs etc. It doesn't look good, but I've no idea how bad it will be.

Apparently we're prepared to go to war over Gibralter. So much for the claim that leaving the EU doesn't make war more likely. Another brexit lie.

Hmm. Might see about visiting Scotland sometime this year.