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Thread: The most shamful demeanering in British politics

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    The most shamful demeanering in British politics

    This, post-Brexit, is going to become a long and embarrassing thread.

    Even so, no post is likely to note as grotesque a grovelling in the sewer as Dr Liam Fox's.
    The international trade secretary, who will also visit Malaysia and Indonesia on his trip, said in an article published in local media that he wanted Britain to build a stronger relationship with the Philippines based on “a foundation of shared values and shared interests”.

    What a bag of filth this fawning insignificant little crawler is. Liam Fox may well share the amoral murderous values and interests of the Philippine President but no British official ought to, not even an International Trade Secretary.

    Does anyone remember "What do you call three dogs and a blackbird? The Spice Girls!"? That was Liam Fox. He's International Trade Secretary because his Party Leader can't distinguish between a git and a Conservative MP.
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    Re: The most shamful demeanering in British politics

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    I can see why the tories like him

    Last month, he warned the EU not to “**** with us” after the European parliament passed a resolution expressing “grave concern over credible reports” that Philippine police were engaged in extrajudicial killings, a claim officers strongly deny.

    The resolution also referenced Duterte’s open threats to kill human rights campaigners.
    By way of contrast Nicola Sturgeon is in the US. The hate in some of the reporting by some of the right wing press is almost palpable. Watch it yourself if you want.

    Nicola Sturgeon talks of global role of independent Scotland

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