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Thread: Barry Norman, RIP

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    Barry Norman, RIP

    Once we used to have film reviews on television which were informed, informative, long enough and delivered by someone with an engaging sense of fun. Nobody has done it better. Barry Norman's performances qualified as a public service in a way the BBC rarely attains.

    He had an equal, on reflection, but more as an in-depth analyst of serious films. Derek Malcolm, film critic of the Guardian, appeared now and then on the BBC's Film Club to introduce major events like the Ingmar Bergman Season. All floppy dark hair and thick glasses and intelligence, I enjoyed his work too but it was occasional. Barry Normal was there week after week every year for decades.
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    Re: Barry Norman, RIP

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    Movie Reviews - At the Movies

    They are retired now but I wouldn't have seen half the movies I did without these two.
    Interestingly I watched a show where David Stratton almost apologised for his review on "The Castle" admitting he got it wrong. But it's easy to see why . He's English and has no idea about Aussie-ness. Or the types of families and nuances we grew up in and around.. He hated Romper Stomper and said it should never have been made. (God He was Stuffy) I didn't particularly like Romper Stomper but to say it shouldn't have been made? What?

    Most of my life i watched what they have to say about movies..... and their arguments !!!!!! i sometimes thought one or the other was going to punch the other out.

    Have a look a the link and their list Spot. It's extensive but really good.
    least he could take the piss out of himself though.

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