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Thread: Justice for Harambe

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    Re: Justice for Harambe

    Quote Originally Posted by tude dog View Post
    Why nobody mourns for the most famous of all monkeys, King Kong?
    Because he was fictional?

    I'm not sure you can distinguish, the way you've posted over the years here.

    The one is a story, the other is a diminishing species on the man-made edge of extinction.

    As usual you're mocking reality. Perhaps you regard yourself as comical.

    For the record gorillas are apes. All apes are primates. No monkey is a primate. Gorillas are not monkeys. I'm sure you're aware of that and the deliberate confusion was part of the act.
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    Re: Justice for Harambe

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    Some interesting points here, though I tend to agree with the point earlier of putting the animal first. It's bad enough 'generally' that animals are kept in zoos for human entertainment: to kill one because of unwanted human encroachment merely compounds the problem and adds to the animals demise. If dangerous areas were clearly marked (however 'common sense' and unnecessary they may seem), that would at least help, as people unfortunately need to be reminded of common sense these days. I do think that the parents are also accountable and must take some responsibility though.

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