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I'd no idea you'd broken your wrist, Zap ! Do you know why you fell? My mum slipped on a wet, slippery wooden jetty and landed on her wrist trying to break her fall. She broke her fall alright, and her wrist ! That's the trouble when you are of mature years, your bones can break easier, and it's a damn nuisance ! I am very careful going up and down stairs (our house is split level and has a lot of stairs, consequently. Hey do you like the way I said 'mature years' instead of old or elderly - much nicer I think !

I hope your wrist is not too painful, and I do hope it heals well and you will be able to use it soon. Must be awkward in the shower, keeping the plaster of Paris out of the water ! And I can imagine how difficult all sorts of things must be when you have an arm out of action, particularly if it's your writing arm that's incapacitated Poor Zap (with care though ) .
Yes, Gill--I know why I fell. I was helping an older than I gentleman go to my car. I was going to take him home after a night (early night-8 pm) of dancing. Outside the American Legion club is a higher- than-should-be-allowed curb which I navigated ok but there was also one of those concrete barrier thingies by my left front wheel that I couldn't see because it was dark. My left toe hit it--I went flying onto my nose, forehead, left knee and left hand. I was still ok to drive--took my friend home--went on home myself--but next morning I went to the emergency room. They X-rayed everything and put a splint on it.
I had broken my right arm, at the funny bone (and that is not a funny thing, let me tell you) about 25 years ago when I tripped on a 2 inch high step as I was rushing into my office. I had to learn to write with my left hand at that time, but only forward and right-side up.