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Thread: A Very English Scandal

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    A Very English Scandal

    A few minutes ago a three-part drama based on the downfall of Jeremy Thorpe started on BBC TV. Written by Russell T Davies I had assumed a measure of bias might be likely.

    Based on the first five minutes I apologize to the great man, I doubt now that it can be.

    Hugh Grant plays Thorpe as though he - the actor, that is - re-embodies one of the Fox brothers. Edward Fox, probably. The performance has remarkably little of Hugh Grant in it but then, Hugh Grant is quite an actor.

    Whoever is playing Norman Scott appears early on. The real Norman Scott, still alive half a century later unlike everyone else involved, allegedly burst into tears when previewing the drama, and one can see reason for such a reaction. Fifty years on someone's finally being fair to him. Well done Mr Davies. I have no doubt that unlike any other writer he's being fair to Jeremy Thorpe too, hard though the balancing act would appear given the appalling lies the chap engaged in and the disgraceful national support he counted on from both the Establishment and the Press.
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    Re: A Very English Scandal

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    He's still remembered fondly by some in his local constituency, according to some report I read. Brought comparatively speaking a lot of business into the area and had, apparently, bags of charisma. I remember the scandal - just old enough to have some idea what it was about - but that's about it.
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