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Thread: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor..............Who Cares?

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    Re: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor..............Who Cares?

    I think we might have reached a tipping point.
    We have all seen the towns that have lost the major employer, perhaps a Mine or Steelworks, it affects everybody, not just those thrown out of a job.
    All the local shops and services suffer, eventually the town dies.

    Scale this up worldwide, all the manufacturing has gone to China or somewhere else in Asia, so UK PC makes next to nothing. Europe and the USA are now going for cheaper suppliers because their own manufacturers wages priced themselves out of the market, or the lower wages in Asia made their prices so enticing we couldn't resist.
    The corporations are reaping huge incomes off the back of both populations.

    When the once rich countries reach the tipping point I don't know, but it is only a scaled up version of any of the once industrial northern towns that made Britain Great........once upon a time.
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    Re: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor..............Who Cares?

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    Bruv, I think it goes even further than that. We continually leave behind in this world, whole swathes of people. I can't believe there are millions of people who still have little or no access to clean safe water. Who still go to bed hungry. Die of diseases that are quite likely curable but for greedy pharmaceutical companies, who would rather see children die of malaria and make billions of £s on only partly successful drugs.

    Its a hideous world we live in. I sometimes think we should start all over again.
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