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Thread: The battle between the GHD straighteners and CHI Iron

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    The battle between the GHD straighteners and CHI Iron

    Hair straightener a indispensable daily product, it is very helpful for us, change the hair straight casually. It is regarded as a stylish by people, to create a variety of hairstyle. Now the market has bees filled with hair straightener,they come from different companies, have their own characteristics, therefore you may not distinguish from them, to say what kind of hair straightener is champion. According to a investigation, to find GHD straightener and CHI Iron have higher popularity,In fact, both of GHD straighteners and GHI Iron are the flat irons' pioneers at the aspect of technical revolution. GHD straighteners are produced by UK.

    with changing the hair straight is a feature for GHD that the same to other straighteners, but GHD straighteners besides the function of changing hair straight, in addition it as well as change the curvature of hair, make hair changeable.To perfect the products, CHI applied the 'Nano Silver' technology, promoted the features of CHI and more comprehensive, the major spokesman introduced, this revolution has made CHI more perfect, more met the requirements of consumers, it was more excellent than others, it could sterilize and kill bacteria.However, which kind of hair straightener is better than the other on earth?

    The following about GHD MK4 to CHI Turbo. With the good reputation, GHD together with CHI Iron are popular with people, they own their fans of products, and have sturdy brand loyal, therefore, it seems to have a trouble in distinguishing form both. Now to compare the both at different aspects.Use the newest designed technical theory of ergonomic grip, to allow you to straighten hair more convenience.Although it is not perfect for the product' s look in the market, because of the advanced technology to instead of the flaw, still are popular with people. In addition, the controls are designed on the side of the grip, it is likely to be easier to cause turn on/off.

    But this kind of design usually get worse, you will turn on/of the controls accidentally when using. When saying GHD MK4, it has the stylish appearance and easily to attract people's attention. The set of controls is more safety, they are on the top side of the bottom grip. Of course, the design of rounded barrels have an effect on hair to become curl. Therefore in a word, if regard the look and safety as the factors, GHD straighteners are superior to CHI Iron.The reflected time of heat-up for CHI Turbo and GHD Mk4 flat iron is short, only in seconds. And no matter CHI Iron or GHD straighteners, both can control heat. However, it likely to be more excellent for GHD straighteners that contribute to their temperature control.

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    Re: The battle between the GHD straighteners and CHI Iron

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    I've got a CHI. It works perfectly well for all my straightening needs, including my daughter's waist length hair. Heats up in seconds. Maintains temperature fine. I got it at a damn good price too.

    Came with a sweet studded leather case.

    Never damaged a hair on our heads. But I don't operate it while drunk and always make sure it's turned off before leaving the room.

    Is GHD cheaper?

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