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Thread: Sarah's Poem

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    Sarah's Poem

    I don't know who the author of this poem is, but I think it speaks volumes on the child abuse going on in the world.

    My name is Sarah
    I am but three,
    My eyes are swollen
    I cannot see,
    I must be stupid
    I must be bad,
    What else could have made
    My daddy so mad?

    I wish I were better
    I wish I weren't ugly,
    Then maybe my mommy
    Would still want to hug me.

    I can't speak at all
    I can't do a wrong
    Or else I'm locked up
    All the day long.

    When I awake I'm all alone
    The house is dark
    My folks aren't home.
    When my mommy does come
    I'll try and be nice,
    So maybe I'll get just
    One whipping tonight.

    Don't make a sound!
    I just heard a car
    My daddy is back
    From Charlie's Bar.

    I hear him curse
    My name he calls
    I press myself
    Against the wall.

    I try and hide
    From his evil eyes
    I'm so afraid now
    I'm starting to cry.

    He finds me weeping
    He shouts ugly words,
    He says its my fault
    That he suffers at work.

    He slaps me and hits me
    And yells at me more,
    I finally get free
    And I run for the door.

    He's already locked it
    And I start to bawl,
    He takes me and throws me
    Against the hard wall.

    I fall to the floor
    With my bones nearly broken,
    And my daddy continues
    With more bad words spoken.

    "I'm sorry!", I scream
    But its now much too late
    His face has been twisted
    Into unimaginable hate.

    The hurt and the pain
    Again and again
    Oh please God, have mercy!
    Oh please let it end!

    And he finally stops
    And heads for the door,
    While I lay there motionless
    Sprawled on the floor.

    My name is Sarah
    And I am but three,
    Tonight my daddy
    Murdered me.

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    Re: Sarah's Poem

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    This reminds me of a song about child abuse, Luka by Suzanne Vega:

    My name is Luka
    I live on the second floor
    I live upstairs from you
    Yes I think you've seen me before

    If you hear something late at night
    Some kind of trouble. some kind of fight
    Just don't ask me what it was
    Just don't ask me what it was
    Just don't ask me what it was

    I think it's because I'm clumsy
    I try not to talk too loud
    Maybe it's because I'm crazy
    I try not to act too proud

    They only hit until you cry
    And after that you don't ask why
    You just don't argue anymore
    You just don't argue anymore
    You just don't argue anymore

    Yes I think I'm okay
    I walked into the door again
    Well, if you ask that's what I'll say
    And it's not your business anyway
    I guess I'd like to be alone
    With nothing broken, nothing thrown

    Just don't ask me how I am
    Just don't ask me how I am
    Just don't ask me how I am
    © 1987

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