Proportional Representation has - or at least had - been the Holy Grail for Lib Dems for gosh, a couple of generations at least down here. I don't know what happened in Scotland but we know the corrosive effects of power and few are immune. And of course the precedent had been set.

Either way, although theoretically justifiable in that any coalition government requires compromises, it is understood that both sides have red lines and tuition fees should have been a Lib Dem one and wasn't. If I was a student at the time I doubt I would forgive. Not for many, many years, anyway.

Hey ho. They remain the Party closest to my view of things so I'm stuck with them if I want to be engaged at all.

OH - horrible missed opportunity: That speech from Johnson was given in Kingston! Not a word in advance got out because I and at least one other mate would have been there yelling and possibly with an egg or two had we known (which is why, I assume, it was kept secret because we aren't the only ones a bit miffed). The protest that was shown must have been got up at very short notice.

Think we might want something like the old American Minutemen...I was thinking of the ones ready to grab a musket and turn out at a minute's notice but if Johnson was the target I'd settle for the missile. Even with warhead removed arriving at a decent number of m/s it should make a statement.