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Thread: Fill in the grid 10-12-2017

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    Fill in the grid 10-12-2017

    The rules are simple. A crossword-like grid will be given to you with a few letters already inserted in the grid. Your mission, should you feel up to the challenge, is to fill the rest of the puzzle with the following restrictions:
    1) Your words must read left to right and top to bottom.
    2) Words cannot be repeated (you can use a word only once in a grid)
    3) Words must come from the CSW 15 Lexicon, which is the Official International English Scrabble word list compiled by Harper-Collins. You can check for the validity of a word at or at the Collins-Harper Scrabble Word finder at
    4) There is ONLY 1 SOLUTION to the puzzle !

    Here is the puzzle for 10/12/2017. Have fun.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fill in the grid 10-12-2017-10-12-2017.jpg  

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