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Thread: Insupportable filthy lying

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    Insupportable filthy lying

    Naomi Musenga death: Emergency operator blames pressure after mocking caller - BBC News

    In particular, "The operator's lawyer told BFMTV last week said that she would normally field on average 2,000 calls a day".

    Let's try it out. Let's say her shift is 20 hours shall we, just to play safe. 2,000 calls in 72,000 seconds is 36 seconds per call. That's without any lunch breaks, coffee breaks, Galoise breaks, toilet breaks, just a solid 20 hours sat with one emergency call responded to on average every 36 seconds. Normally, not just on a bad day but normally.

    Total and utter bollocks, Mister Lawyer. I would be startled if the true figure were even as high as one tenth of what you claim. What you have said is unmitigated cobblers. My unbiased guess is that her normal number of calls answered on a normal shift would never reach even three figures, which would still average less than five minutes a call.

    As for the syntax of the italicized BBC quote, I give up, I have no idea what was intended in that sentence. The operator's lawyer said? |The emergency operator said? Some third party said?
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    Re: Insupportable filthy lying

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    I'm bumping into local bureaucracy more than normal as a result of the difficulties of a lodger and my impression, taken with the Windrush scandal and other immigration issues, is of desperate overstretch everywhere in civil service. I've the same sense at a national level as well. I don't know about this particular case but I wouldn't just dismiss the numbers out of hand. What I've been seeing has me much less certain her figures are untrue.

    edit:I'd also like to be sure what precisely "field" as opposed to "answer" means. They might be synonyms, but they might not...
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