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Thread: Verizon lays off 44,000

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    Verizon lays off 44,000

    Verizon Lays Off 44,000, Transfers 2,500 More IT Jobs To Indian Outsourcer Infosys
    Jean Baptiste Su Oct 5, 2018,

    On 10/27 I learned from a Chinese web that Verizon will have a big lay-off, 40,000. That's a big news, I googled it, found it was a news three weeks ago. Yet it seems not much people know it. Maybe they will let it out after mid term election. What a censorship.

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    Re: Verizon lays off 44,000

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    The problem is it's a lousily written headline and it tells a lie. Verizon has offered voluntary severance packages to 44,000 middle managers out of of its 153,000 employees. That's not 44,000 laid off. I doubt whether even half of those offered the package will take it. The package includes 3 weeks pay per year of service and it's capped at 60 weeks. You call that a lay-off?
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