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Thread: How to choose an eco-friendly clothing store?

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    How to choose an eco-friendly clothing store?

    I'm eagerly waiting for my daughter's marriage next month. So we are all busy with shopping and arrangements. Due to the ease of use and convenience, most of the people in Canada are using online shopping stores. We could purchase anything at any time, it doesn't matter.
    We are trying to buy some clothes for our relatives and friends and one of my friends suggested to buy the materials from the eco-friendly clothing store available in Canada.She also added that the price is comparatively lower than that from the fashion stores.

    We don't have much idea about the online shopping sites.
    1.which is the best online sites that are affordable for our range?
    2.can we get it in a bulk?
    3.does the dress has good quality even if the price is low?

    Friends, if you have got any suggestions /tips, kindly leave a comment.
    Thank You!"""

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    Re: How to choose an eco-friendly clothing store?

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    Sure.... Firstly, what you do is buy a marino lamb. A spinning wheel and loom. then, cultivate some of your back yard to grow cotton and a small plant to spin and weave it......if you're really really in need of fur start you're own dog rescue charity.

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