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  1. gordon brown slates saddams hanging( the victor meldrew column)

    the pm to be gordon brown condemmed saddams hanging yesterday.
    even though he,s been dead a week he still is news.
    the american president geroge bush also climbed on the political bandwagon and...
  2. mayhem at bristol airport ( the victor meldrew column)

    back to the transport theme once again this time its the turn of the aircraft.
    as reliably reported in sky news BA connect, easyjet, thomfly ,and first choice to name but a few of the 10 operators...
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    Re: m4 coach crash (the victor meldrew column)

    i was unaware that the driver was arrested for dangerous driving the media only reported that the driver had been arrested.
    i also know that this bus was i new one and did not imply that it was old...
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    m4 coach crash (the victor meldrew column)

    on a more serious and sombre note today our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims of the m4 coach crash in which a national express double decker coach overturned yesterday.
    experts now say that...
  5. more about big brother ( the victor meldrew column)

    hello yes its me again grumpy old crabby old victor with another column.
    i did something i dont normaly do last night ( no its not that either) i watched a whole 10 minutes of big brother.
    why i...
  6. Re: killer wont get a fair trail in ipswich/ big brother( the victor meldrew column )

    mythought on this is if he has nothing to fear why is he worried about an unfair trial?
  7. killer wont get a fair trail in ipswich/ big brother( the victor meldrew column )

    welcome to part 2 of the victor meldrew column
    the killer of 5 ipswich prostitutes has whined that he wont get a fair trial at ipswich crown court due to the public feeling against him but the case...
  8. go by train i cant afford to ( the victor meldrew column)

    rail fares have seen a sharp increase according to a 2 page report in the daily mirror.
    although advance ticket prices have been frozen open return and saver returns have seen prices go through...
  9. saddam gets into the festive swing( the victor meldrew column)

    hooray justice has been served and evil dictator saddam hussain was hanged for his crimes against humanity.
    may you burn in hell saddam along with hitler, stallin. gadaffi and the rest of the...
  10. Re: more immigrants to come ( the victor meldrew column)

    i gather you dont like what i write? tough
    i write as i see and this is becoming a major problem what i have written is true in
    most cases how many immigrants have killed and then skipped the uk...
  11. Re: more immigrants to come ( the victor meldrew column)

    good luck for the future to both of you

  12. more immigrants to come ( the victor meldrew column)

    hello and welcome to the victor meldrew column in 2007.
    well its a new year and 2 new eastern block countries join the eu romania and bulgaria.
    our esteemed labour incompitants say they have...
  13. welcome to worksop ( the victor meldrew column )

    hello and welcome back to the victor meldrew column.
    did you have a good crimbo ? i did i was working on xmas eve till 10pm ( rather have the money) and so to the column well i couldn't find...
  14. Thread: Bill Bailey

    by panto andy

    Re: Kraftwerk

    as a genuine kraftwerk fan ( yes im over 40 and still have their music!!!)
    this :-4 was absolutly fantastic i must watch it again. for the 5th time!!!!
  15. blair now the most unpopular pm ( the victor meldrew column)

    hello and welcome to another slice of the victor meldrew column.
    according to media sorces tony blair is now the most unpopular prime minister since margret thatcher.
    and his popularity is now...
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    prisoners to get a vote ( victor meldrew)

    the sun reported today that prisoners are to be allowed to vote why?
    is this another policical correctness lesson from the bleating hand wringing do gooders aka the prison reform trust and the...
  17. rail privatisation was it a wise move ( victor meldrew)

    i watched with interest a documentary on the bbc last night called potters bar the truth.
    it recalled the 2 derailments at potters bar and ladbroke grove which took 7 lives at potters bar and the...
  18. Thread: New Ripper?

    by panto andy

    Re: New Ripper?

    lady cop.
    do you have these kind of nutters on your patch?:thinking:
  19. Thread: New Ripper?

    by panto andy

    Re: New Ripper?

    at least its nice to see someone taking this column seriously crime is out of control
    in our dear:-3 old england and justice is a joke.
    things like this were rare in the 70s and 80s in the last 20...
  20. Re: lunatic on the loose in suffolk ( victor meldrew)

    i think you get the general gist of my thread.
    something must be done to catch this killer although according to sky news 250
    extra police have been drafted in .:)
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