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    Re: Budget Day predictions ?

    it,ll be the usual give with one hand take back with the other
  2. Thread: New member

    by AA grumpy

    Re: New member

    welcome to the asylum
    what size strait jacket are you ?
  3. knock down paedo memrobillia availae on e bay..the AA grumpy column

    hello... yes its only me grumpy like that stubbon stain that even vanish wont shift.
    and tonights offering is the knock down paedophile memorbilia offered on that world wide junk selling site site e...
  4. Re: more women head to syria to join isis terrorists..the AA grumpy column

    i didnt mention any ethnic group as i said im middle of the road and have no problem with those who live and work under our rules including muslims
    to quote your above statement anyone can vote even...
  5. Re: more women head to syria to join isis terrorists..the AA grumpy column

    if you believe the bias broadcasting company or even the bhagdad broadcasting company you yourself are somewhat disilusioned
    the bbcski is a marxist propoganda channel who will spin you the smoke...
  6. more women head to syria to join isis terrorists..the AA grumpy column

    now i know certain people will get their knickers in a twist if i post newspaper reports especially without a tag at the end but this from the mirror reveals the truth others try to hide for the the...
  7. question time 3 girls go to syria ..the AA grumpy column

    welcome to grumpy towers excuse the mess im having the place redecorated

    did anyone catch question time last night?
    i was surprised by that ukip fool mark reckless calling these girls groomed...
  8. Re: That's It... They've finally lost the plot.

    time for grumpys caustic wit....
    so we the unemployed are second class citizens then not fit to own a car because we are not working why not just ban benefits all together the poor unemployed can...
  9. Re: Something you won't find in the daily mail

    i agree with the snp & p.c the only nuclear deterent we should have is one
    capable of destroying any meteorites and astroids that threaten our planet.
  10. you,ve BIN ticketed .... the AA grumpy column

    for one night only sees the temporary return of the AA grumpy column
    why ? because its worthy of grumpys caustic wit

    The warden is being formally investigated for his "bizarre behaviour" when...
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    Re: councils to consider £1 night tourist tax

    the point is its not just £1 though its per person per night so work it out
    2 adults and 3 children 7 nights = £35 extra , hen party 16 people 1 weekend 2 nights =£32
    thats a nice little income...
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    Re: Another joker to vote for ?

    another clown on question time the last one was russell bland !!!!!
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    councils to consider £1 night tourist tax

    further to oscars £1 a night brighton toursist tax post ....

    MILLIONS of tourists may be asked to pay a tax to meet the extra costs to local authorities of providing visitor facilities.
  14. Thread: I'M newbie

    by AA grumpy

    Re: I'M newbie

    welcome to the madhouse !!!
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    Re: Obama enrages Europe's Far Right

    quote oscar Let's see

    Allow Sharia law courts... Tick
    Give free social housing.... Tick
    Give free education.... Tick
    Give free NHS health care.... Tick
    Allow polygamous marriage.. Tick
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    Re: Brighton. An experiment that failed ?

    ha ha oscar old bean the beard and sandals brigade were never in the race
    now repeat after me ...FAR RIGHT...BNP...FAR RIGHT... BNP now say 10 hail adams and pick up your british flag.
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    Re: Rich and Poor

    yes did you see virgin trains ty**** sir richard branson and his wife and he got jumped on my his misus
  18. hartlpool united looking to sign ched the rapist evans ...the AA grumpy column

    hi just time for another AA grumpy column before the big fat fella gets here and i dont mean you mr editor. ( glad to hear it pass the mince pies ED)
    and just to put a dampener on your christmas...
  19. the sad face of british holiday trade..the AA grumpy column

    ...grumping around the christmas tree have a grumpy holiday....oh hello welcome back to grumpy towers i,ll just pour you some mulled wine and get you a mince pie and i,ll tell you my latest story.
  20. I.D.S. laughs at the bedroom tax debate..THE AA grumpy column

    ian duncan smith showed the tories true colours today as he laughed and sneered during a bedroom tax debate.

    As MPs told stories of how their most vulnerable constituents had been effected by the...
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