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  1. Re: If the wife complains again about me not having a hobbie

    Being to strong is an issue of home brew. But with beer the max alchol content probably isn't enough to blind anyone unless they drink an unethical amount.

    PBS once said that Ice Land had the...
  2. Poll: Re: Who is more unethical Mc Donalds or your local school board?

    Arguments like Mc Donalds doen'st have an obligation make me think terriorists can be ethical.

    'Cuz if we were to start bombing Mc Ds over their fattening food they would start to lose money and...
  3. Poll: Re: Who is more unethical Mc Donalds or your local school board?

    LOL on the deprogrammed. Seriously you are very fortunate to have such a good school board. At the time I hated the high prices of the pop at the pop machiene. But in hindsite I'm glad it was...
  4. Re: If the wife complains again about me not having a hobbie

    Tell us more. Was it any good? One time or are you an expert?

    PS which MLM would Ted Nugent be most likely to join?
  5. If the wife complains again about me not having a hobbie

    It had been bugging me that I couldn't think of what it was.

    Well, I just remembered. If she complains again about me not having a hobbie I'm going to start home brewing beer!!!

    One of my...
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    Re: I Like Bathroom Humor

    LOL 'cuz your sick. My wife gets made if I even laugh at bathroom humor.

    PS I'm a sick man I have lotto feaver
  7. Poll: Re: Who is more unethical Mc Donalds or your local school board?

    School boards are people who usually don't get paid to make decisions about schools.

    When I watched the movie I had flash backs to the gicky fires they the school served us. Some of the PE...
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    Re: Lottery

    All right a lotto thread;)

    Did you hear about the dog who won the lotto?
    He bought his owner a bone.

    I think lump sum is good if your old. If my son won it with his position I would select...
  9. Poll: Who is more unethical Mc Donalds or your local school board?

    Just saw Super Size Me where a guy ate Mc Donalds for 30 days straight.

    It was a bad thing. I got physically ill watching the movie.

    But it isn't all Mc Donald's fault.

    Schools should...
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    Re: Jim Cramer Mad Money booyah

    I like how he admits when he is wrong. Last time I saw him he was appologizing for getting the sector wrong. Guess it was a tech gaget rally not a teck rally. Apple up 97% in the rally. WOW.
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    Re: Superbowl

    I think I'll root for the Bears though I would rather be rooting for the Broncoes.

    Hopefully the Bronks don't go into a funk after having that one player offed in a shooting.

    LottoMagicZ4941A ...
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    Re: My son is going to Iraq again.

    Not sure I would want my son joining the military. Almost joined it once myself so I couldn't be to upset at him. Guess it would motivate me to do some serious praying for his wellfare er well...
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    Re: This is kind of like a blog

    My stats would be better if I started to use it right away.

    Stats for
    Registration date: 2006-09-16
    Average page hits/day from
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    Re: Raging chicken

    LOL LOL LOL Many if most of you won't get this but those who do should appricate it.

    Why did the MLMer cross the road?

    S/he heard there was a downline on the other side.

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    Re: Refrigerate Butter?

    Total LOL on this thread still going strong!!!!

    Butter icks me out if I think about it.

    I've learned that toast taste grate straight.

    I do like a little of it but have found you can always...
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    Re: Computer Time v TV Time

    The wife and I like King of Queens. She gets a tad annoyed when I run downstaris to reset the auto surfs. Some actually let me exchange auto for manuel.

    Most of the new shows are lame. I find...
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    Re: Blonde Jokes

    Guy gets on a plane and finds himself seated next to a cute blonde. He
    immediately turns to her and makes his move.

    "You know," he says, "I've heard that flights will go quicker if you
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    Need my sleep fixed

    One of the reasons I don't go online as much anymore is my wife thinks my going online is part of my sleeping problem.

    So for quite a while I would only go online on days off.

    Anyway, my...
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    Re: Wine or Grape Juice?

    Still have a ton to read on this thread. Will probably post again after reading more.

    Current Chruch has both wine and grape juice. The Chruches I previously attended served grape juice. ...
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    Re: Prayers needed.

    We should all pray a blessing on that doc for being willing to do the surgery for free in addition to praying for the babies and their mom.

    "Asks the Lord to bless that doc"
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