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  1. Re: Tea and Having a Chat with Friends

    The blueberry scones sound alright, but can I have mine with just a piece of hard, mature cheese? I'll have to try that orange pekoe tea as well. :-6
  2. Re: Big Brother? Hit Him (the Government) Back, And Hard!

    In Czechoslovakia, they had a velvet revolution.
    In Ukraine, they had an orange revolution.

    In Britain, we need something similar, with a new party to vote for, that will bring back some common...
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    Re: monty python classics

    I like some of the Monty Python sketches. I would take out all the blasphemous bits (the films are the worst for that) and then it would be good viewing for me. I don't like the playing music on...
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    Re: Wind Farms

    I only like the idea of wind farms in the sea, probably built on the top of old oil rigs or something similar. They don't produce enough power to have them scattered all over the countryside...
  5. Re: Tea and Having a Chat with Friends

    When the virtual tea room opens up again, I'll have to see what speciality teas there are on offer. I fancy a Darjeeling with lemon. Those seats sound good. I heard all about it on the internet...
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    Re: All I Need Is A Miracle

    That's a good joke. The punch line is great: "show me that map again."
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    Re: the 1960s...what do you remember ?

    I remember going to the barbers for a Beatles haircut and I had a Beatles poster on my bedroom wall. We used to have some of their singles on the Parlophone label such as "Help" and "A hard day's...
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    Re: Have your tastes changed?

    There are also other types of music that I used to listen to regularly, and that I was addicted to, that I don't listen to much, if at all, for some reason:

    Tangerine Dream; Kluster; Cluster;...
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    Re: Have your tastes changed?

    Some of my favourite bands have used the piano and the flute to great effect along with their other instruments; bands like Soft Machine, Gong, Magma, Mahavishnu Orchestra and King Crimson.

    I have...
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    Re: What is your favorite beer

    I live in East Yorkshire, but the reason I have been able to taste such good southern beers is because some of our pubs, up here, have guest beers. Some of these can be different from week to week...
  11. Re: This is SOOOOOO Typical of Mankind!!

    Even if there was only one grizzly bear left in the whole world, there would be a hunter somewhere who would have no hesitation in shooting it dead and using it as a trophy. That could apply to...
  12. Re: Woman jailed for beating daughter’s teacher

    It looks to me as though the breakdown of society in the United States is as bad as it is here in Britain. This sort of violence would never have happened when I was growing up in the 1960s and...
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    Have your tastes changed?

    In the 1980s, I was a fan of the music of Pere Ubu; MX-80 Sound and Chrome. I used to have some of their music on vinyl in those days, but not now.

    I recently heard some of Pere Ubu and I...
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    St Julian tobacco

    My uncle used to smoke St Julian tobacco. This was the best quality tobacco which my uncle would roll onto a cigarette paper and then smoke it, of course.

    About seven years ago, it disappeared...
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    Re: What is your favorite beer

    I always choose bitter beer pulled by a hand pump. This is what we in Britain call real ale. Two of my favourites are London Pride and Bombadier.
  16. Re: Federal Court orders removal of Cross

    I say keep the cross where it is. It is like a senotaph to the veterans of the Korean War who would have been mostly nominal Christians anyway even if they weren't true believers. If the atheist...
  17. Re: Hijack a plane get a free council house

    Not only that, but what about all those other foreign criminals who should have been deported after they had served their short and easy prison sentences. This included murderers; rapists;...
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    Re: Favourite Album Of All Time?

    This is a very difficult question to answer because there are many that come close to being the best. I will choose King Crimson's "Starless and Bible Black".
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    Re: What are you listening to right now

    I am currently listening to SOFT MACHINE volume one.

    I am listening to an old cassette recording of it taken from vinyl. The trouble with the CD is that it has been re-mastered with far too...
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    Re: Good People Here

    There's nothing better than fresh air; good food and exercise to recover from the toxic environment. Seeing the chiropractor and having a bubble bath are a good idea too. I hope you feel the...
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