With Anonymous outing internet paedophiles, posting the contact info for all people suspected to be connected with the death of Amanda Todd, and with Gawker outing Reddit's number #1 Troll, who went by the name of Violentacrez, it's possible people might think twice on how they use the internet now.
Amanda Todd Tormentor Named, Already in Court for Sexual Charges of Another Girl : Franchise Herald

One person writing vitriol on an Amanda Todd memorial page also lost his job as his profile stated his employer's name. Of course there are a large number of people with a vested interest in making sure they can't lose their jobs now too. Big outcry about the "unfairness" of the company to fire him.
Man fired for Facebook post about Amanda Todd after Calgary mom complains

Some people are outraged that the nasty people are being exposed. There is an apparent lack of concern for responsibility for what is written online. The facebook guy had his employment listed on a profile set "public" and made public comments with that account that were offensive.

Do you think people should be held accountable for what they write on the internet?