It is 10 years since I bought and read Christopher Booker's , The Real Global Warming Disaster .

There the corrupt beginning and reports of the independent political body , the IPCC , are ruthlessly defined and dissected .

The criminal machinations of supposed scientists are exposed and the tissue of lies and misinformation about warming and climate are analysed using scientific process -- so absent from the work of many self styled climate researchers .

Now we have the lunacy of a Greta Thunder Bird, an autistic and behaviour obsessed kid , absurdly pronouncing her feelings and those of her puppet mistress Louisa Marie Neubauer , an extreme activist with One , financed by arch globalist villain and crook George Soros .

This concerted corruption and deception programme ranks as the greatest scientific hoax .

The only heart warming matter is that the Climate itself will tell us what drivel these people have been spouting .
We have already entered that part of the sun's cyclical activity where there is a low/no number of sun spots and coronal ejections .
For reasons outside of the scope of this post , this significantly lowers temperature and now we will enter a mini ice age .
Even the Fake News BBC surreptitiously slipped out a forecast a few weeks ago that this winter the UK will face its coldest for 2-300 years with northern night temperatures lying at ca. minus 40 for several weeks .

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