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Thread: any truth

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    any truth

    Without offending anybody i would like to ask a question to any one who has ever been to Africa - well i got into a conversation with an old sea dog at the bus stop today (like yeh do)and he told me about some of his tales from the good old days as he put it - when he was stationed out in India and africa ( it was a long wait in the bloody cold i might add) well he told me that when he was stationed in Africa it was the custom to cut a persons face if they were caught stealing and then that person would be banished from the villiage .Now i always believed that the markings that some African people have are trible markins - i just wondered if anybody knew if it was true or not .
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    Re: any truth

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    As near as I came to Africa was going aroung the Cape Horn route at sea....and that was enough for me. I did Google up a good site for you to read tho.....

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