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Thread: That Channel Island Piper Malibu crash with the footballer on board

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    That Channel Island Piper Malibu crash with the footballer on board

    Toxicology tests on Sala's body showed CO levels in his blood were so great it could have caused a seizure, unconsciousness or a heart attack.
    I don't remember when I was last more surprised by a newspaper announcement. This is a very late stage for every previous conjecture to be found misleading or irrelevant.

    The Air Accidents Investigation Branch said from the start that it had no reason to bring the plane in for analysis. Well now it has no choice. Carbon monoxide? What has that to do with night-flight or unqualified pilot or delayed take-off or any of the other assumptions. What carbon monoxide has to do with is mechanical failure. Who was piloting the aircraft would now seem to be irrelevant.

    As a plot for a murder mystery it would be a blinder, too.

    The pilot has been the media's scapegoat since the crash. He may well turn out to have done remarkably well in the circumstances. The plane is, after all, intact, something which has been glossed over ever since it was found.
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    Re: That Channel Island Piper Malibu crash with the footballer on board

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    With modern technology and the advanced capabilities of salvage and rescue equipment, I would have thought that it would not be impossible to raise that aircraft, (like the so called authorities are insisting). No, it is purely down to finance ! It does beg the question 'what are they trying to hide?' with such excuses.

    We all know that if it was a head of state that had died like that, the aircraft would be up and under strict guard in some aircraft hanger, and being thoroughly tested by the best examiners.

    It is so suspicious.
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