Was yesterday's N Korea visit by Trump a photo-op or was it more of a resolute act to soften relations?

I give Trump credit for turning certain traditional policy norms upside down.

1- Attempting to normalize relations with NK and Russia
2- Standing up to our intelligence agencies (though I doubt he would have had they not gone after him personally)
3- being as vocal as he is on at least on one end of the corporate press (again, he appears to have done this only because they've gone after him personally)
4- Putting a halt to US regime-change policy (though he's dropping bombs at an alarming rate and he's passing (selling) the weapons to others who do the killing and have their own regime-change policies - regime-change by proxy)

It has to be noted that Trump has done plenty to offset the positives of what I listed above due to his lack of education and sophistication, and his bombastic style of diplomacy, both foreign and domestic.

Any way you cut it though, the NK and Russia policy change is huge and I support his efforts there. I read the following article earlier and wanted to share it here.