No need to pay back the EU after we have left . It will disappear in a huge fart smelling puff of smoke .
We commodity watching and playing fans have watched China , Russia , Japan and India load gold reserves for at least the last two years . And other countries .

I have a personal preference for Silver but there is not enough available to meet all demand . But I am 'in' . Big.

The US has only gone QE to keep Deutsche Bank notionally alive . Trump detests Merkel and Deutsche Bank . But he cannot have the economy fall down the plug hole -- which it will -- until his re-election is certain .

That's the way it works .

Details are taken from today's Zero Hedge article ( End of Fiat? ) .

For the first time in 21 years, Germany has openly bought gold into its reserve holdings.
Source: Bloomberg

German reserves climbed to 108.34m oz in September from 108.25m a month earlier.
Source: Bloomberg

With ECB mutiny and Deutsche Bank's rapid demise, fears are rising of a looming financial crisis, and with that, Germany has shown a renewed interest in gold.

As a reminder, September's outright purchase of the precious metal comes after Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, repatriated 583 tonnes, or $31 billion worth, of gold in 2017, years ahead of schedule.

Which came after Germany's stunning announcement in January 2013 that the Bundesbank would repatriate 674 tons of gold from the NY Fed and the French Central Bank (which was initially abandoned in 2014).

Of course, while Germany is now the latest to turn to gold as a safe haven store of value in its reserves, it is not the first as the de-dollarization shift has been accelerating in recent months...

Germany's shift comes after China's acceleration in gold-buying as Peter Schiff recently noted this a "global gold rush on the part of central banks" in preparation for a dollar crash.

"The days that the dollar is a reserve currency are numbered and the smart central banks are trying to buy as much gold as they can before the number is up," Schiff said.

Remember, nothing lasts forever...

And now that the always conservative Germans are back in the market buying gold, one wonders if the end of fiat is drawing closer.