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Thread: Non-domestic terrorism in Britain 1970-2017

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    Non-domestic terrorism in Britain 1970-2017

    I thought I'd make a graph.

    What you can see is every non-domestic fatal terrorist event over the last fifty years in Britain.

    Non-domestic means I've excluded the Irish Republicans operating on the mainland. They're home-grown domestic.

    I've also not included the Pan American flight from Frankfurt to Detroit which blew up over Lockerbie in 1988 because that had nothing to do with Britain other than being the location of the crash.

    Every other fatal event is marked on the graph.

    What appears is that the majority of these events involves from 1 to 3 deaths and that there are four exceptions. There's the London Underground bombing of 7/7/2005 involving coordinated explosions (one of which was on a bus in Tavistock Square), and in 2017 there are the London Bridge and Westminster Bridge events, the Manchester Arena and the idiot Welshman killing worshippers at the Finsbury Park Mosque with his van.

    That's four major non-domestic terrorist attacks in fifty years, three against the State and one against foreigners.

    It is not, in my opinion, many.

    I could do non-Irish non-fatal domestic too, if anyone wants. The Animal Liberation Front, the Welsh and Scottish Liberation Fronts, the Angry Brigade? I'm just ad-libbing with those but the figures are all easy to get at.

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    Re: Non-domestic terrorism in Britain 1970-2017

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    Well good. And now back to Christmas...

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