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Thread: Sorry Bruv

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    Sorry Bruv

    What I said to you about Fred Trump. He was a bastard too, although he did build housing for the middle class primarily as I told you, he was no hero. He was a racist rat, but at the time, since the people I knew were benefiting, I didn't realize that blacks were directly discriminated against. The older folks, my parents age, were always glorifying him as someone who helped 'people like us', & I think now they meant the Jewish working class, although I hear old Fred was an anti-semite, at least Jews were white. Counts for everything in TrumpWorld.

    You know those times, the 50's & 60's, everything was wrapped up in a pretty package to make it seem like all was okay, especially in the North. Nothing was okay, unless one were white. I didn't mean to mislead you, I just put it together recently.

    There was a saying: In the South, they don't care how close blacks are, as long as they're not rich; in the North, they don't care how rich blacks are, as long as they're not close.

    Fred Trump, then later The Donald, did not want blacks in their buildings; they were coded if they applied for Trump housing.

    Sorry, mate. Thought I was telling you the right thing about The Fred.

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    Re: Sorry Bruv

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    I wasn't holding it against you Anne.
    And the burger I ate was not very appetising either, America let me down with it's promise of marvelous food.

    Different times Anne different standards.
    I was born and brought up in the same town that Stephen Lawrence was killed. The racist National Front had their offices quite close to where it happened. I moved away many many years ago, and have heard in conversation since that the area has always been racist........I never noticed back then.
    I remember a conversation with my brother who married an Asian girl (for a while) about our own father. Our Dad like 'coloured' people, he said they were always happy, with lovely teeth, and were always respectful. Our Dad wouldn't have recognised it, but in hindsight, he was very likely a bit racist his own way........different times different standards.

    Bad people do good things and good people do bad.
    I thought I knew more than this until I opened my mouth

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