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Thread: Aggression towards other dogs

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    Re: Aggression towards other dogs

    Quote Originally Posted by valerie
    Tamsen was always on year-round Heartguard until about a month ago.
    I consulted with my vet and we together made the decision to forgo it
    now, because Tamsen's age and limited exposure to outdoors just seemed
    to not be worth it. For her. I'm not advocating this as a a way to proceed
    for ANYONE else. But Tamsen is coming up on 13, and for a purebred gsd
    that is up there, and she shows definite signs of decline. The vet pointed
    out that even if she were to be bitten by an infected mosquito, it would
    be approx. 6 months before she showed signs of an infestation. Sad as it
    is for Paul and I to face, we realize that she might head to the bridge
    before that time due to other causes.

    I am religious about keeping on top of the standing water around here.
    I even empty the birdbaths every 3 days or so, more in the hot summer

    Please check for another thread I'm starting, looking for input from
    Gotcha, thanks. I'll PM you with the rest of my question so as not to hijack Daisy's thread here. I'll be watching for your new thread, too.
    I hope you cherish this sweet way of life, and I hope you know that it comes with a price.
    ~Darrel Worley~

    Bullet's trial was a farce. Can I get an AMEN?????

    We won't be punished for our sins, but BY them.

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    Re: Aggression towards other dogs

    I have a slightly different problem with my boxer. She was a rescue dog and I got her just shy of her 2nd b-day. She was VERY friendly with all dogs she came into contact with. She loved meeting and greeting different dogs and all she wanted to do was play. She is now 41/2 and she has become extremely dog aggressive. I noticed the change within the last 6 months. First she would be aggressive with only larger dogs, but now it's with every dog no matter how little or big. She just about ripped into a tiny mutt she met at the pet store the other day and I was soooooo humiliated and apologized profusely. The ONLY thing I can come up with is that she is not being socialized as much as she used to be. For the past yr and a half I have been working graveyards so she doesn't get out to meet other dogs like she used to. Her aggression has gotten so bad that I am afraid to even take her to her favourite park for walks.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Aggression towards other dogs

    Since she used to be very friendly and you say she hasn't been attacked - I would start with a complete physical at the vet's. I have heard several peopel say that Lyme's can make a dog aggressive. Not to say that is the problem, but with MAJOR attitude changes, I would rule out the physical first.

    Once you rule out physical issues, you should seek out a trainer or behaviourist. They will be able to see your dog, read his body language and help you through this.

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    Re: Aggression towards other dogs

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    Lilac has some good advice.

    Ruling out anything physically wrong would be a help... my thinking is
    maybe she's in pain from something.

    Dogs who are well socialized early on don't usually revert back even
    after not being around other dogs for a while.

    Good luck.
    Tamsen's Dogster Page

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