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Thread: Stray kitten

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    Re: Stray kitten

    Quote Originally Posted by Mutley View Post
    Glad to hear the little one is doing well. My cat half pint was saved by my bf from being drowned. She and her brother were only 5 weeks old. We lost her brother in an RTA but half pint is still going strong. Persevere with the little kitty and you will not regret it. xox

    Sad, very sad..........

    Mad, completely and utterly insane..........

    geez, someone can't take a joke.

    just so you know, we have four cats, 2 which are strays, we have had many cats for years........I also feed 2 strays outside.......and have found homes for other strays that people just push out their door.

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    Re: Stray kitten

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    Quote Originally Posted by actionfigurestepho View Post
    My boyfriend recently brought home a stray kitten. She can't be more than 4-6 weeks old. She's still in the habit of sucking on things, especially my nightshirt when I'm trying to sleep, which is annoying.

    I'm afraid that maybe she was separated from her mom too early and that cat food won't give her the right nutrients. Is it OK to give kittens milk? Do we have to heat it up first? I know milk can give older cats worms and I don't want that to happen to this little one.
    Its perfectly ok to let the kitty suckle your own nipples.

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