After reading about and researching what went into commercial cat food I decided to ban the cans altogether after the 2007 pet food recall. I now source all my own food for our two cats and prepare it myself. I reckon I save money (some of the food is FREE! Yes seriously, my local fish shop gives me great quality fish trimmings that make loads of free meals - this every week) and the bonus is that I now waste very little. After just a small amount of trial and error, I hit on the food they really go crazy for.

I came across a website, on cat food recipes and downloaded their cat food recipe book. Its great value and one of the free bonus books that come with it is called, "Vital Secrets You must know to protect your cat" from Anne Martin's amazing and horrifying book, "Food pets die for."

Although I had read extracts from it I had no idea just what did go into our pet's food, its a bit stomach churning but I reckon every pet owner should read it.

It may sound a lot of work but preparing my own cat food turned out to be easy and surprisingly enjoyable! I make a good sized batch then put it in small plastic boxes in the freezer. Once you have the system up and running it really is simple.

The bonus for me is watching our cats devouring the food with relish plus I no longer go to the pets store and lift those heavy cartons about. I reckon there is a special bond between my cats and me now that was not there before just due to the special effort I make on their behalf.

Both cats are now leaner and much more active so I guess I've proved a point to myself. Its amazing just what is available out there once you start looking and asking after making the decision to ban canned food.

I asked my vet first and got his total approval. There must be others who have gone down this road too.