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Thread: Lee-Carter modelling help!!!

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    Lee-Carter modelling help!!!

    I am doing some projections using the Lee-Carter model. I have decided to use Excel.

    Can anyone have a look at my excel calcs and let me know if they are correct?

    Thanks a million

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    Re: Lee-Carter modelling help!!!

    Hello. Please send your excel calcs to I will check them out.

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    Re: Lee-Carter modelling help!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danilorayob View Post
    Hello. Please send your excel calcs to I will check them out.
    The original query was placed eight years ago and we have long since lost touch with the poster.

    Given that you have taken the trouble to register here, welcome to the site. It's a kind gesture you've made. We'd be delighted to chat with you if you'd care to bookmark us and come back now and then to join in.
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