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Thread: Martinsville, Va. Residents Pay More $$$

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    Martinsville, Va. Residents Pay More $$$

    In the Martinsville Bulletin today it was reported that residents of Martinsville had better get prepared for another big increase in their electric bills. First of all, city residents just had a 30% increase in their bills this past July and now city leaders are warning that another increase is on the way, maybe as much as a 40% increase. Of course city council members say they will look at alternatives such as a smaller rate increase coupled with a rise in property taxes. Either way you look at it, it is going to cost more to live in Martinsville, Va. but while paying more to live in Martinsville, there are no increases in services despite these past increases and proposed increases. I think city leaders know it is only going to get worse in the city and that is why they are looking seriously at reverting to "town" status. Easy to see why people are leaving Martinsville & Henry County, Virginia.

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    Re: Martinsville, Va. Residents Pay More $$$

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    I believe this trend began with the Sid Clower debacle. He was a former Henry County Administrator running the Public Service Authority, was convicted and sent to jail for stealing just under $800,000 from that agency. Ever since then, the residents of Martinsville have been continually subjected to electric and water service bill increases.

    I believe this trend can also be set at the feet of the Martinsville city fathers. Since the Clower incident in the early 2000's, the city council has been doing a very adept two step regarding fiscal accountability. There has been a select, occasional city council member standing up for accountability, like Terry Roop.

    Now, the city is trying to saddle the county with all that fiscal accountability via a reversion of Martinsville from city to town status. The city should step up to the plate and solve their own fiscal problems. The county shouldn't have to bear that cross.

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