Your body clock's guide to winning at rest, work and play.

Ovalation most likely in women: chances of conception are high.

Brain activity at lowest ebb: time to sleeo

Blood pressure dips to lowest pointL: risk of death now at maximum.

Body temperature dips to its lowest point:
you should avoid excerise.

06.00 - 08.00
Hormones rise and sperm count peaks: another
excellent time to conceive.

08.00 - 10.00
Blood pressure and heart rate at highest,
peak time for heart attacks: avoid excerise.

10.00 - 12.00
Concentration and short-term memory at
peak: good time for work and study.

Post-lunch dip in energy levels:
take a siesta.

16.00- 17.00
Lung function at best:
go for a run or swim.

Body temperature,muscle tone and flexibility
at peak: time for yoga or a visit to your gym.

19.00- 20.00
Liver function and digestive ststem at full capacity:
you can now enjoy a glass of wine over dinner.

22.00 - 01.00
Libido at highest point: Make love.