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Thread: Button F1 tears

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    Cool Button F1 tears

    Jensen Button what can i say, talk about tough luck after such a fantastic start for him and honda, nothing went his way all day and then to blow the engine so close to the line, it was enough to bring even the most hardend fanatic to tears. But has they say thats racing........... I think i'd have tried to push it over.
    To those who haven' t seen it yet i appologise for bringing it up, that aside it was quite a memorable GP

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    Re: Button F1 tears

    I was listening on the radio..good race....a real shame for Jensen...his time'll come I'm sure.

    Welcome to FG by the way Linxx.
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    Re: Button F1 tears

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    I missed the race but that reminds me of Nigel Mansell in one of the Adelaide races where he was leading and a lap or two to go and *boom* the car blew up on Dequetteville Terrace - I think they call it "Brabham Strait". That's tough luck for Jensen, no-one likes to see a race go like that (except the bloke that was in second place up until then I suppose).

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