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Thread: '11' Connections To World History

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    '11' Connections To World History

    By Ted Twietmeyer

    We can show that '11' related dates are well-threaded into both past and present milestone world historical events. Its mind boggling in scope - that is, until one sheds the light of globalist control upon it.

    Globalists and globalism - terms that few have heard about until recently. Globalists, a common word, wasn't even present in recent versions of MS Office dictionary. But what is the fingerprint that shows their meddling and control of world affairs and sovereign governments ? When one understands their sick and twisted evil fascination with the occult and numerology, an undeniable connection emerges like a whale leaping out of the sea, or like that new home that seems to have "popped up overnight" you just noticed on your way to work. It is all the same - you didn't see it before, because you weren't looking for it. The globalist actions, or NWO, or whatever name you use for these meglomaniacs is very much like something that pops up overnight. Until you are looking for it you don't notice them. Once you understand just how the mechanism works, life will never be the same.

    It is like taking the red see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    The "indicator lights" which show the globalist mechanism has completed or started another operation is connected to numerology. Particularly the number 11. I began researching this years ago, and have compiled some of the more notable events earlier this year. Note that the key about 11 is not the YEAR something happens. No knowledge of astrology is required to understand this. Its about adding up the number of the day of the month to the number of the month. For example, July 4th (oddly enough) is an '11 day' because July (number 7) and 4 = 11. As is August 3rd, Sept. 11, etc... ( We will refrain from delving into the well-worn statements about 11 with regard to 9-11.) These dates are just a few pf the 11-type days in one year. Perhaps this may be where the quaint american expression comes from, when people flippantly say that "something just doesn't add up."

    In each month, there can typically be 3 such 11 days, including the actual 11th day of the month. However, you'll also notice that is also applies to totals of casualties in so-called attacks. This was documented in my first essay on this, about the first 6 months of 2004.

    For example, "11 soldiers killed" or "11 Iraqi leaders surrender", etc... Also, sometimes an exact multiple of 11 (22) is also used. Before one laughs all this off- they must ask themselves what are the statistical odds that numerous major events in World History, have taken place on an 11-type day or sometimes on a 22-type day ?

    While 11 is often the stamp of a globalist orchestrated event, not every single date listed below may be their handywork. The following partial list does illustrate they have been quite busy behind the scenes orchestrating world events for their own amusement - decades before the first Bilderberg meeting in May 1954.

    After all, when you have enough money to literally buy anything you want on earth - what is left other than to have control of everything you can, and play chess with humanity using the world countries as game pieces ?


    * Girl 11 shot in Gaza school

    * 11 CJD cases

    * Older article from June 7 2002 about the stock market loaded with 11:

    * 380 tons of explosives "missing" in Iraq (national news media.)
    Why wasn't this figure rounded off to 400 like many stories are ? First we were told it was never there, yet they knew to the nearest ton the weight of the explosives ! Perhaps 380 was used because the digits total 11.
    Someone has to provide materials to make endless road-side bombs - why not the globalists to keep the fighting going ?

    * Insurgents kill 11


    * In November, 2002 Democratic governor Roy Barnes lost to Republican challenger Sonny Perdue--the first time in 134 years that a Republican had won the governor's seat. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll had shown Barnes leading Perdue by 11 points just two days before the election: a 11%+ shift in 48 hours! Another victory for electronic touch-screen machines?

    * On Nov. 2nd 2004, CNN, at the very beginning of the news hour at 7PM EST, a VERY LARGE 11 was put on the screen in the first scene. It was for the electoral vote total Bush received for Indiana (CNN.)

    * During that evening, CSPAN was airing a recorded show done on voting on 10/28/04, another 11 day.

    * On Nov. 3rd on CNN's morning news, election official for Ohio was cited as it could take up to 11 days for a final count.

    A few more 11 events:

    * FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Voters nationwide reported some 1,100 problems with electronic voting machines on Tuesday, including trouble choosing their intended candidates. (The number given makes most people pronounce the number 11.)

    * During the 2004 election, 11 states approved NO to same sex marriages on Nov. 2nd. With the major problems with corrupted digital voting machines, how did this number happen to come up 11 ? Of course it wouldn't have anything to do with the occult, Diebold, or the re-elected dictator...

    Was 9-11 the first big 11 type event ? Hardly.
    Here are a few other notable 11-type events no one has noticed:

    * Hindenberg Zeppelin destroyed - May 6, 1937
    * 900 followers of Jones die of "suicide" at Jonestown, Guyana, - Nov. 18, 1978
    * 39 men die in mass suicide near San Diego - March 26, 1997

    * MKULTRA taken to a new level on Nov. 11, 1953 [2]
    * Another memorandum on 11 May 1953 on MKULTRA about more tricks to do to people [2]

    * Bay of Pigs training for exiled Castro troops exposed in newspapers April 7th 1961 [1]
    * Castro annouces the Cuba is a Marxist-Leninist state on April 16th 1961 [1]
    * Kennedy goes on television about missle bases in Cuba on October 22nd 1962 [1]


    * British announces Blockade of German Ports - March 11 1915
    * Emma Goldman arrested for lecturing about birth control - Feb. 11 1916
    * British forces arrive in the very northern Russian Seaport of Murmansk - June 23, 1918


    * German Kaiser Wilhilm II abdicates (and flees to the Netherlands) - Nov 9, 1918
    * On same date above, the German republic is proclaimed
    * Armistice during WW1 goes into effect - Nov. 11, 1918
    * Soviet Russia and Poland War begins over border disagreements - April 25, 1920
    * Treaty of Rapallo between Germany and Soviet Russia--i.e., aka USSR -April 16, 1922
    * The fascist, Mussolini, is invited to form a Coalition Government in Italy - Oct. 28, 1922


    * Japanese Premier and party leader (Inukai, Ki Tsuyoshi) is assassinated by Japanese naval officers - May 15, 1932
    * British King (Edward VIII) Abdicates so that he can marry a divorced American. British rules at the time forbid their King from marrying a "divorced" woman. - Dec. 11, 1936

    * Chiang Kai-shek, leader of China, is Kidnapped by forces of Chang Hsueh-liang, leader of Manchuria province, in order to get Chiang to start actively resisting Japan's expansion into Manchuria - Dec. 11 1936


    * Germany declares war on France - Aug. 3, 1914
    * First German air raid against Paris - Aug. 30 1914
    * Naval Battle of Falkland Islands - Dec. 8, 1914
    * British forces arrive in the very northern Russian Seaport of Murmansk - June 23, 1918

    * And finally, July 4, 1776 when the United States independence was officially declared. John Adams declared on July 3rd that July 2 would be the momentous and historic day. Although this seems odd, the information comes from a US govt. website on the document. July 2nd was to be the day the ties with Britain were to be severed. Yet The Declaration of Independence was not delivered to Congress until July 4, 1776, another 11 day. (See [4] for more details from US govt. website.).


    During the 1900's, it appears that Germany and England (before it was called the UK) have more 11-oriented dates than the USA had during the period. But this trend appears to have changed after 2000 when US events began to be more 11 oriented.

    11 date-coded events are similar to marionette strings - sometimes you see them, sometimes you don't.

    Ted Twietmeyer is founder of which investigates various science phenomena that are largely ignored by mainstream science.

    [1] History Channel: 'Above Top Secret'

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    Re: '11' Connections To World History

    What a load of rubbish. Do you believe this crap or do you just find it intriguing?

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    Re: '11' Connections To World History

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmc
    What a load of rubbish. Do you believe this crap or do you just find it intriguing?
    Conspiracy or summat, innit, eh? A while ago on Usenet, some Kraut was trying to say that Elizabeth II (11???) could be somehow related to the number "666". He seemed to think that this was important for some reason. Weird.

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