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Thread: The Agenda Behind 'The Da Vinci Code'

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    The Agenda Behind 'The Da Vinci Code'

    The Agenda Behind
    'The Da Vinci Code'
    By David Livingstone

    It would appear, from the unconditional acclaim that Dan Brown's /The Da Vinci Code /is receiving in the mass media, that the Globalists are preparing for the acceptance of its agenda.

    While many are aware of the pernicious evolution of Globalization, corporate influence in the media, of Neo-cons in the Bush administration, the CFR, the Bildebergers and so on, few are aware of the many complex and bizarre beliefs that accompany this agenda, and will therefore be utterly baffled by what /The Da Vinci Code/ presents.

    The Globalization movement was founded by the Illuminati in the eighteenth century, who regarded themselves as inheritors of an ancient occult tradition, which now defines the activities of those modern groups who continue to pursue the original plan.

    The Illuminati regard themselves as Aryans, a superior race that inhabited Atlantis, and who were offspring of divine beings that intermarried with the descendants of Cain.

    Having replaced the Bible account of the past, the Illuminati appropriated the educational system to teach instead the myth of "Western Civilization", to impart the false notion that the Aryans had been responsible for every significant contribution to humanity. Throughout history, they have supposedly aided in human progress, beginning with the Greek philosophers, but their greatest success was the toppling of Christianity, with the American and French revolutions, and its replacement with secular liberal democracy.

    Their plan is not yet complete though. Their ultimate goal is the implementation of a one-world order, to be ruled over by their "messiah". It is for the acceptance of this imposter that Dan Brown is preparing the American public with /The Da Vinci Code./

    According to Brown, in the twelfth century BC, when the Templars were in control of the Holy Land, they discovered controversial documents beneath the Temple of Solomon. These, we are told, confirmed that Jesus had had a child with Mary Magdalene. According to occult legend, as revealed in the "Holy Blood Holy Grail", Jesus' progeny found their way to France, where they intermarried with the Merovingians, the Frankish dynasty that began to rule France during the fifth century AD. But, the Catholic Church interfered to bring an end to the dynasty, who were then replaced by the Carolingians.

    The duty of the Priory of Zion, an organization supposedly founded in 1099, as the authors maintain, was to guard the "sacred" bloodline of the Merovingians, and to ultimately reestablish their reign. Therefore, this bloodline, as the authors claim, is the subject of the Holy Grail, or Sang Real, that is, Royal Blood.

    An important offshoot of this bloodline was supposedly the Stuarts of Scotland, whose apex of power began with the reign of James I. Having divided Europe between Protestant and Catholic, the occult underground, under the guise of the Rosicrucians, sought to reinforce its movement by marrying James' daughter Elizabeth to the German prince, Frederick, elector of the Palatinate. They had hoped that James would come to the support of his new son-in-law as they instigated the Thirty Years War. The conspiracy ended in disappointment, and the movement was utterly routed.

    However, refugees of the movement found their way to England where they were responsible for the formation of Freemasonry, which seems to have been involved in the Cromwellian and Glorious revolutions. But the Stuart cause gained new momentum in France, where a revolution was being fomented by the Illuminati, there headed by the Duke of Orleans, who was the great-grandson of Elizabeth, wife of Frederick.

    The continuing objective of the Illuminati is to place a descendant of this sacred bloodline as dictator of a new world order. The Da Vinci Code is an attempt to introduce the unsuspecting public to the historical legends used to justify such a reign.

    The doctrines of the Illuminati are those of the Kabbalah. These, they believe, were originally imparted to the Aryan race by the Sons of God of Genesis. However, the occult books specify that these "Sons of God" were the devil and his legions, who had been cast out of Heaven, and who intermarried with the descendants of Cain, to whom they taught magic and astrology. Thus they produced the Aryan race, whose mission it is to guard the "Ancient Wisdom", and to bring humanity to the peak of its evolutionary process, by implementing a one-world dictatorship, governed by occult doctrines.

    In reality, however, the Kabbalah represents the adoption of pagan ideas into Judaism, and is a product of the sixth century BC, not prior to the Flood. When the Jewish people were led out of Egypt and into Palestine, they were commanded to renounce the pagan gods of the nations they subjected. This they did not. Instead, they repeatedly transgressed, polluting even the Temple itself with the accoutrements of this worship.

    The god they worshipped was the dying-god, whose death and resurrection were celebrated annually, corresponding to our Easter. But this god had a dual aspect, being considered a single androgynous deity. While representing the Sun, he was also identified with the goddess, whose symbol was the planet Venus, or Lucifer.

    Such was God's wrath that He punished them for it by having them taken into Exile, to Babylon in the sixth century BC. It was then, instead of repenting for their past wrongs, that these pagan doctrine of a coming Messiah were assimilated to the astrology and magic of the Chaldean Magi, to form what is now known as the Kabbalah.

    Jesus was a Jewish reformer in the orthodox, who reproved his people for their corruption of the original monotheism. Nevertheless, as his movement spread among the non-Jews, two deviations from his teachings emerged, both of which derived their core doctrines from the Kabbalah and the Ancient Mysteries: Catholic Christianity, and Gnosticism, from which the Western occult tradition was derived.

    While the former adopted these teachings only cryptically, Gnosticism avowed its paganism more boldly. Therefore, an enduring struggle ensued, through the profusion of numerous secret societies, and the desperate and direful attempts of the Catholics at suppressing them. Nevertheless, it is this concoction of ancient pagan doctrines and legends which Dan Brown attempts to sell as the "truer" form of Christianity.

    *David Livingstone* is author of The Dying God The Hidden History of Western Civilization

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    Re: The Agenda Behind 'The Da Vinci Code'

    This is kind of a wacky article. (Thanks for posting it though, CVX!)

    The Da Vinci Code sure has been getting a lot of press lately. The author wrote it as a fictional thriller piece - basaed on facts - using names and places that the reader would recognize.

    Is this like a version of The Blair Witch Project?

    If you google this book, you'll find some great articles about it. Here's one that I found interesting:

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    Re: The Agenda Behind 'The Da Vinci Code'

    Like most conpiracy theories, Liviingstone laces his history with grains of truth but most of it it is thinly veiled bigotry disguised as a scholarly work.

    I haven't read, the Da Vinci Code, nor do I intend to, but neither would I read drivel from detractors such as Livingstone.

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    Re: The Agenda Behind 'The Da Vinci Code'

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    I would recommend the Da Vinci Code to everyone. While I am not entertained by the soap opera style writing, I liked the content of the book. I hate the way the author switches thoughts from one chapter to the next in an attempt to keep you from putting the book down. It makes for very hard and inconsistent reading.

    My personal opinion is that the book just offers another view, and I think that it is of the utmost importance that we each gain as much information as possible before we form our own opinions. I think that the majority of people just accept what has been explained to them since they were children. They don't rock the boat. They don't ask questions. We should all ask questions and seek the answers to those questions instead of just accepting what one person tells us is so.

    I have always found that in relationships where there is an arugment there is always "his side" and "her side" and then somewhere in the middle you find the truth. I think the same pertains to almost everything.

    Seek and ye shall find.

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