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Thread: Bike Meet

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    Bike Meet

    I haven't been to the one at THe Swan for ages, as Si's bike is off the road, and didn't want him to feel left out. Si has also been having to take my bike to work, as he doesn't have a car licensce, so I've been getting withdrawal! (Poor Si, my bike is eyeball searing pink!)
    So, I thought sod it...I'll go. I got there, and the crowd that are there religiously every week didn't turn up!!! I was also hoping to see a mate that I've been talking to on MSN for ages, and to date we've always missed each other - he wasn't there either
    Luckily I came across a friend that I haven't seen for ages with his new chopper!
    Am now going to theirs for a BBQ on the 15th, yay!
    I had a nice buzz around on my own afterwards though - just what I needed.
    I didn't bother coming home until it started getting dark!

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    Re: Bike Meet

    Sounds like a perfect day, Pinkster. My next day off I think that's just what I'll do...a nice long ride. Just get lost. Perfect.
    I hope you cherish this sweet way of life, and I hope you know that it comes with a price.
    ~Darrel Worley~

    Bullet's trial was a farce. Can I get an AMEN?????

    We won't be punished for our sins, but BY them.

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    Re: Bike Meet

    Yeah, I always come back with a big grin on my face!
    It just blows everything away and clears your head. Crikey, if I lived near you, we'd never be home!

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    Re: Bike Meet

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    GREAT IDEA BabyRider !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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