Aaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh !!!!

I thought puppies were supposed to be all fluffy and lovable

We have a new puppy, as yet unnamed, who is 8 weeks old. We got her saturday.

She is a Patterdale Terrier and she is beautiful. Nervous at first, she has found her feet, boy has she EVER found her feet.

This is a new experience for us because our last dog, Sam, who we lost about 6 months ago, was just about the perfect dog who always, but always, did as he was told from the moment we got him at 12 weeks old to the day he died 20 years later.

Our new pup is a nightmare. She is running riot and bites very hard and I mean hard. She insist on laying on a cushion on our sofa like Lady Muck. Sam never went on the furniture, so we are trying desperatley hard to stop her doing it.

She is also a peeing machine.

Have you kind people any ideas on teaching good behaviour to an 8 week old pup, or will that manifest itself as she gets older (if we still have our fingers and toes )

We were under no illusions that it would be easy, we were just spoilt by our wonderful old Collie