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Thread: Military Brutality and Murder = UK

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    Re: Military Brutality and Murder = UK

    And you did it when you didn't have to? Are you MAD?!

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    Re: Military Brutality and Murder = UK

    I thought it was... humorous. I just realized how sad that sounds.
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    Re: Military Brutality and Murder = UK

    Don't worry, I say it all the time, as most of my weirdo humour is often lost on eveyone else. Like the time I told someone not to be such a Mass Debator... That was totally lost, or no-one thought it was funny, lol!

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    Re: Military Brutality and Murder = UK

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    I got it! But I also get it when someone calls themselves Master Bates and other unsavoury nicknames as well. Having a dirty mind puts one in front in the sleaze stakes Sleaze stakes, not cheese steaks, that's Philadelphia.

    It's an interesting thread. I think it does one good to have a bit of a slag-off very now and again - without it getting too personal.

    I agree with spot on one thing - the police in the UK have a highly authoritarian role now. Thatcher explicitly used the police as a political tool during the Miner's Strike which I think was about 1984. But Blair's New Labour have really ramped it up. If he thought he could get away with it he would have one national police force under the direct control of the Home Secretary. Blair, far from being the protector of civil liberties which I always thought was important for Labour, is actively restricting them as much as he can get away with. Watching that former scion of the Left, Jack Straw, in full hypocritical mode is sickening to me. Is Gerald Kaufmann still in the Parliament or has he chucked it in? Still on the government benches or couldn't stomach it?

    anastrophe makes a very good argument but in the US freedoms are now much more limited than they used to be. I know it's post-9/11 but on the couple of occasions I have spent a little time there even I can see it, feel it. Before I'm assailed with "but you wouldn't know, you don't live here" - quite true, that is I'm not in the saucepan with the water gradually heating to boiling point.

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