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Thread: Jewish legislators increase

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    Jewish legislators increase

    Number of Jewish lawmakers worldwide reaches record high

    By Amiram Barkat

    Tuesday's U.S. elections brought the number of Jewish parliamentarians worldwide to an all-time high, according to the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians.

    Following yesterday's results, the number of Jews in the Senate rose from 11 to 13 and in the House of Representatives from 26 to 30. However, the United States is still only in third place worldwide for the number of Jewish legislators, after Israel and Britain.

    Britain, despite having a Jewish community 20 times smaller than that of the United States, has 59 Jewish members of parliament, including 18 in the House of Commons and 41 in the House of Lords. The latter number includes seven barons whose seats in the house were hereditary until recently. However, the umbrella organization of British Jewry said that in fact, the number of Jews in the House of Lords is even higher, totaling at least 46.

    The article is in Haaretz -

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    Re: Jewish legislators increase

    Quote Originally Posted by Diuretic View Post
    Quoted from article :

    The director of the World Jewish Congress's Israel office, Bobby Brown
    Now, that's funny !!

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    Re: Jewish legislators increase

    Hiya Di

    That's really interesting to me

    Thank you
    Live Life with

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    Re: Jewish legislators increase

    You're welcome Cher

    I thought it was interesting, especially the item concerning the British Parliament. The history of the Jews in Britain is quite intriguing. I've heard Britain's Chief Rabbi give lectures on BBC radio, he's a very impressive speaker.

    In Australia, by contrast, I think we have only one or two Jewish members in the federal parliament. Most are Anglican or Catholic, I don't think we have any Muslims in the parliament either.

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    Magenta flame

    Re: Jewish legislators increase

    But we do have the token Aboriginal.
    Why the thread Diuretic? Should we be concerned? What brings that statistic to your interest?

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    Re: Jewish legislators increase

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    Do we have a token aboriginal at all Magenta? I thought Ridgeway was out of the Senate and I can't think of a member in the Reps who is aboriginal. But as aways I could well be wrong.

    I thought it was an interesting statistic of itself, read it in another place. I think the discussions we have here (in other threads) concernings things Israeli and things Jewish may have occurred to me.
    No ulterior motives I assure you.

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