As with any ancient burial ground a legend prevails
This place so beautiful and quaint even has a pool
A beautiful shimmering body of water, where the water remains deathly cold
On this very ground there was a murderous uncalled for duel.

It seems long ago the Indian tribe's chief, his daughter was in love with an undesirable man
By her father, as in those days, she was promised to wed another
The two men in this girl's life came face to face, this is when her lover took his stand
The lover slips on a rock, hitting his head falling into the water, this makes him go to the land of his ancestors, the realm of his ancient brothers.

He was buried right on the side of the pool
The poor Indian maiden jumped in after him
Taking her life also that day in the beautiful shimmering pool
They both died right here and it is said the coldness of the pool from here stems.

The old Indian's here call this place the Devil's pool
Both the lovers were buried beside the pool s cold
I guess the cold is left here to remind us their love was taboo
The water here even in sunlight remains so very cold.

Love so deep as this I believe can survive the grave
I hope these two pitiful souls are together in the spiritual plane
I blame the maiden none, not wanting to enter a loveless marriage where she would have been enslaved
The ultimate gift they paid, so I look at their love as ordained.