hello yes its me again grumpy old crabby old victor with another column.
i did something i dont normaly do last night ( no its not that either) i watched a whole 10 minutes of big brother.
why i hear you ask after last nights slating of b.b
well i was curious to see what celebs they had press ganged into the b.b house
and what a motley collection they are jermaine jackson ( no further comment in that in case i get sued) an ex singer from steps which was one of those diabolical teeny bop groups who made you want to reach for the sick bucket everytime they appeared on top of the pops ( by the way he came out in the sun as one of them)
dirk whats his name better known as face from the a team another one of those annoying programmes from the 80s currently brought back to life on uk gold
a bird who appeared regulary on the kenny everet show ah dear queer kenny how we miss him.
and god forbid horror of horrors leo sayer where the hell did they dig him up from?
i thought he had been consigned to the distant past never to be seen again!
at least its not donny osmond or one of the bay city rollers so lets be thankfull for small mercies.
a liberal sprinkling of people i,ve never heard of and who was that fat faced white haired old gadgie dressed like peter pan ? i thought it was tinker from lovejoy.
anyway it went off after all the celebs were in.
i was at least glad leo didnt start singing like he,d got trousers on that where too tight for him.