According to NewsDay, Nunoise Entertainment and Jahfari Promotions, both based in the Tampa Bay area are suing Lil Wayne for missing their shows and refusing to reschedule. The lawsuit, filed Friday January 19th, claims Lil Wayne signed a contract Sept. 18 to perform at a Tampa nightclub on Oct. 29.
Though Wayne returned a $15,000 deposit, he still owes $45,000 for canceling the show. He was also obligated to schedule another performance in the Tampa Bay area to make up for the missed date but has not done so, the lawsuit said.

“He did miss a date, he admitted he missed a date, and he was supposed to make it up,” said attorney Marlowe Blake, who is representing the promoter. “It’s a simple breach of contract type of matter.”

Besides $45,000 in actual damages, the lawsuit said Lil’ Wayne’s cancellation caused more than $200,000 in lost profits from the concert