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Thread: Good intentions are a waste of time

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    mystic moon

    Re: Good intentions are a waste of time

    congrats on your new car! i've had lots of good & not so good experiences buying cars. i bought a jeep grand cherokee a few years ago. loved it. 1 rainy morning i had to get something at the store & somehow set off the alarm.- which, btw, the dealer said it did not have. i was standing in the rain, w/ a baby, trying everything to turn it off.-everyone staring at me , very annoyed.... i finally realized that all i had to do was lock & unlock door w/ the key.-duh.... a couple of years later, when moving to HI, i had to ship my beloved suv. i gave detailed, written instructions of how to deal w/ alarm system. however, when i got my car the battery was dead, every wire on driver side of car was cut, i couldn't even work the windows! never was the same again. ....bought a new car last year, had another baby, & now i have to get a minivan or some sort of 3 row vehicle.(SOON!) -really dreading it.

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    Re: Good intentions are a waste of time

    Congrats on the new car!
    It has been my experience that auto mechanics (Disreputable ones) will often inflate or overexagerate (sp) car repairs when dealing with women. This has happeened to my family and friends. I've read some of your troubles with car repairs, and would advise having a male friend go to the shop with you. I know that taking advantage like this is a sexist/opportunistic thing to do to someone.....but it does happen.
    Hope you have better luck with your new car
    "The bank can just get over it".....That is awsome! Excellent!


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    Re: Good intentions are a waste of time

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    Yosh. Thanks for the compliment. I just say these smart aleck things without thinking about it. I'm gonna get in trouble one day!

    It's probably a good idea to bring a guy with me in the future. I'll just pay him back with pizza and beer. LOL

    HairyGarden, what kinds of problems are Pontiacs prone to?

    Mystic Moon, I would've cried if I saw all the lines to my car cut. I know it's not much fun to get a family car, but the need passes...although that's sad, too. I'm the voice of cheer today, huh?
    In my housewife years, I had a Taurus wagon that I liked a lot. The rear becomes two additional seats. It seats 7 comfortably. Never had any mechanical problems at all, and she drove very well. It's just that the Taurus wagon resembles a cat in heat.
    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

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