I've heard of the term "addictive personality" and my x-husband had addictions he could never overcome. He'd get addicted to everything. Not just drugs either. He'd go overboard with everything. I recently left a man who was a recovered addict and x-drug abuser. But he literally replaced his drug addiction with others such as gambling and even admitted to being a sex addict. What is that about?

I cannot even relate to even being an addict. The closest i came to being addicted to a drug was Vicodin when I dislocated an elbow. That was a good buzz. But I stopped, even when I could use it. And I could then see how a person could like to be on a drug all the time, as it clouded my reality. And I felt fuzzy.

I guess what i am asking is why and how would a person want to stay addicted to things that control you and alter your quality of life? Is it that their lives are so bad anyway that the addiction is better? And so people hide their addictions from those closest to them? What is this addiction thing really about? Is it all so complicated? It seems like one should just be able to stop.