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Thread: Beltane

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    Re: Beltane

    Thanks Pinky and Wonderbra. was definatly interesting.
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    Re: Beltane

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    Well that was good! I love seeing the rest of the gang, we don't get together often enough. Especially myfried Debbie, she's got exactly the same filthy sense of humour as I do, and the innuendo and puns are just constant when we're anywhere near each other, needless to say we had a right old laugh!

    We went to Bond's Meadow, a place with a lovely single Hawthorn tree in the middle and a wood henge (it belongs to pagans, so it's looked after!) Had a little fire in the cauldron, hung some offerings on the tree and toasted the earth, sun and moon, jumped the fire...then went off to the pub for a couple of cokes!
    Treated myself to a bottle of pear cider which I'm drinking now!

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