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Thread: Your Hit Parade

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    Your Hit Parade

    Surely someone besides me remembers YOUR HIT PARADE on the radio. The only 'star' I can remember is Snooky Lanson. It moved to T.V. in the 50s, but didn't do too well. The format was to perform the top seven or ten songs of the they chose them is a mystery, but they DID select what I'd been listening to..And sometimes the same songs were popular week after week. On the radio it didn't make any difference, but on T.V. it got to be deadly repetitive. I think it was Autumn LEaves that finally turned into a parody after about 6 weeks as #1.
    I listened every week on the radio, but soon tired of it on T.V. As did everyone else. But it might have been a precursor for American Bandstand.

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