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Thread: Storm Hawks

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    Storm Hawks

    I’ve been watching a lot of cartoons lately, I’m having an early mid-life crisis or something, and they’re the only thing that seems to help. Anyway, mostly I’ve been sticking to Boomerang because of the nostalgia, but I checked out the current lineup on Cartoon Network and was pleasantly surprised last Monday by a show called “Storm Hawks”. Anyone else into this? It’s like a high fantasy world of mountaintop islands with all different races that are separate from one another, but there are various ships and flying machines that connect them. Of course evil is trying to take over the lands – so enter the Storm Hawks, a teenage ragtag group of kids who don’t even have pilot’s licenses – their job is to save the lands from danger by capturing crystals, riding their transforming flying motorbikes, and cracking teen jokes. It’s cute, reminds me of the kind of Western cartoons I had as a kid. I can’t wait to have my niece over, it’s always nice to turn her onto something instead of vice versa. Anyone else watching?

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    Re: Storm Hawks

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    No sorry, i watch political shows if i want to watch cartoons.

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